Saturday, February 14, 2009


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The first four sketches are from the doctors' waiting rooms. I seem to spend more time in such location lately. These sketches are often given away but some models depart before I finish the sketch. I recently sketched a boy at the dentists office and his mother said it looks just like him. The boy said "he didn't draw my hair". While his mom was paying and making her next appointment, the boy got his book and sat back in the same position. I managed to sketch in his hair and some light indication of the book. He loved the sketch.

I liked the long brush cut hair on this boy. He was playing game-boy, which helps to make for a good pose.

The pose from behind makes for an interesting composition.

People reading usually remain fairly still and are easier to sketch. Although some do fidget quite a bit particularly if they are looking thorough a magazine.

This Air Force Sargent was at the Lompoc Honda Dealer. She was probably stationed at Vandenberg AFB.

This man was watching an art lecture at Allen Hancock College.

This one was sketched at the San Luis Obispo Plein Air Auction. Group sketches are a little more challenging. You have to watch perspective and be more concerned with the larger shapes and pay less attention to the details.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Sketching interior of buildings can be fun. A simple chair and table can make an interesting composition. The upholstered chair with a sham on the back is the more interesting sketch.

I sketched my bath towel late one evening. It is a simple subject but a bit of a challenge.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had taken my wife to Santa Maria for her dental appointment, and sketched the BMW dealership across the street.

This sketch was drawn on a side street next to the Lompoc Hospital.

This is a sketch of the back side on the main street in Arroyo Grande. Is this a sketch or should I call it a pencil drawing? The term sketch implies a quick suggestive drawing. Either way this image has some possibility for a painting. I would have to work a little on the light and dark pattern.
The gray appearance of the paper on these sketches is due to my lowering the contrast level with the photo editor. It seems to improve the definition in the reproduction.
The sketches with the warm gray background tone are actually on a light gray paper. Again the image was darkened a bit to bring out the subtle half tones in the pencil.

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