Monday, September 14, 2009


I did these two sketches for Bill Guffey's blog Virtual Paintout.
I want to do an oil painting so may only post one of these sketches.
Mosteiro de Sao Vicente de Fora (8 x 11 ballpoint pen) REF Photo

The original Saint Vincent was built outside the city walls "de Fora", around 1147. The Monastery was built over the original Church between 1582 and 1629. It suffered extensive earthquake damage in 1755, and was restored in 1855. The entrance to the right is to the monastery.

Statue Niche (11 x 8 ballpoint pen) REF Photo
This is a sketch of the statue lower niche in left tower.


  1. Hey Phil - this is a great sketch with the ball point. I used to buy them by the dozen, but it's been a while. Looking at your sketches makes me want to do some more.

  2. Great job! I love the challenges when painting architecture. Yours is flawless.