Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have been attending life drawing sessions for years. Drawing the human figure is the best way to develop draftsmanship skills. I attended life drawing sessions at Allan Hancock Collage, Cal Poly University, and Morro Bay drawing group. I have found an excellent paper source for life drawing. Costco has rolls of light weight paper in huge 18 inch widths. This paper is intended for covering picnic tables or other such uses. I cut the paper in 24 inch length and clip it on to a drawing board. The paper works well with graphite or charcoal, and does not yellow or degrade with light exposure.
I know that some people are offended by nude images. I have carefully selected the following images and hope they do not offended.

Barbara is a terrific model. I like to do foreshortened posses with lots of overlaps. They are the most challenging to draw.

Frank was one of the regular models at Cal Poly.

Another foreshortened posse, I believe this was done at Morro Bay.

Virgil was a regular model at Hancock College. He had good muscle definition which makes him a good model. I did an oil painting of him which is hanging in my office.

Sometimes you get a strong light and dark patterns that are interesting to draw.

This was from one of the Hancock College sessions.


  1. These are really beautiful! Glad you picked up a pencil and brush after your career!

  2. Phil, thanks for visiting my site. These are incredible drawings, a stage where most of us fall short. I'm most impressed with your foreshortened work, not an easy task for many, but it looks like it comes easy for you! It was great to visit your blog.

  3. Phil.
    These sketches are really something. You certainly have a feeling with your drawing and and understanding of anatomy.
    Great work